Fire Emblem: Three Houses Was Developed in Large Part by Koei-Tecmo

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

During a recent interview published on Famitsu’s pages, it was revealed that Fire Emblem Three Houses was mostly developed by Koei-Tecmo, with only a small team of Intelligent Systems working on the game.

After the success of Fire Emblem Warriors, Nintendo contacted Mr. Hayashi of Team Ninja to ask for help in developing the new Fire Emblem for Switch. The study has obviously accepted willingly, but over the years the role of the same has changed and has become increasingly crucial, so much so that at the end of the development cycle only 17 Intelligent Systems employees remained active.

Fire Emblem Three Houses came out on July 26th on the Nintendo Switch, the game debuted at the top of the English charts and seems to have sold well over the launch weekend also in North America and Japan, although there are still no precise numbers about it.

Welcomed by audiences and critics, the game is set to become a new success for Nintendo Switch.