Fortnite iPhone: 1000 V-Buck Free and 15 Stars of the Battle to Apologize for Problems

Fortnite Mobile: Bug Fixes and Technical Problems With the Patch 9.10

The latest Fortnite Mobile patches have caused some problems on the iOS platform, issues that have forced Epic to publish more fixes and players to install and uninstall the game from their smartphone/tablet.

But what exactly happened? Epic Games explains: ” After v9.40.1 was approved and published on the App Store, it was discovered that a critical error in applying the patch prevented players from downloading the patch correctly. Therefore this error message appeared: “Some files have become corrupted. Please try again. “After investigating the issue, we found a temporary remedy that involved uninstalling and reinstalling the game. We realize that it was not an ideal experience for interested players and we decided to work on a definitive solution. “

The problem was solved with a new patch and all the players involved received a bonus in the form of 1,000 V-Buck and 15 Stars of the Battle: ” our team was able to resolve the error with a new patch, v9 .40.2, available to all players on July 19. Players who have downloaded v9.40.1 and who had the problem of applying patches can now update the game correctly without errors, to apologize to those who had to uninstall and re-download the game, on July 22nd we gave interested players 1000 V-buck and 15 Stars of the battle.