Fortnite, Problems With One of the Extraordinary Time Challenges: Epic Investigates

Fortnite 2nd Birthday

Fortnite’s ninth season is coming to an end, ready to give way to the expected Season X starring the Mechs. To give players the opportunity to unlock all the objects from the Battle Pass 9, Epic Games has launched Extraordinary Time Challenges a few days ago. One of them, however, is not working properly.

Apparently, the “Positioned in the top 15 in pairs or teams with a friend” challenge, once completed, is not rewarding players with the expected prize, or as much as 10,000 experience points. The problem was immediately brought to the attention of Epic Games, who in a tweet let the community know that they had already started work to solve it. As soon as a solution is found, the company will publish it through a hotfix.

We are sure it will be remedied before the start of Season X, set for Thursday, August 1st. The launch time has not yet been announced, but in all probability, it will be set between 10:00 and 12:00 GMT +2, as happened with the previous seasons. What is certain is that after the epic battle Mech vs. Monster, the mechanical giants will be the protagonists of the new season of the most famous Battle Royale ever.