Fortnite Season 10: Date, Launch Time and New Battle Pass

Fortnite Season 10

As we know, Fortnite Season 10 will start on Thursday, August 1st, Epic Games has not yet announced the exact time for the arrival of the update but we can make some assumptions based on what happened in the past.

The most recent updates have been published at 14:00, (GMT +2), but in recent months the launch updates of the new seasons have always been made available between 10:00 and 12: 00, (GMT +2). Also, in this case, we can expect a downtime scheduled for 10:00 am with subsequent offline play and arrival of the patch between 12:00 and 14:00 (GMT +2).

Along with the Fortnite 10.0 update, the new Battle Pass will also appear, selling at 950 V-Buck (9.99 euros). The contents will be announced during the morning of August 1st, so at the moment it is difficult to know what exactly the Battle Pass Season 10 will contain.

Fortnite’s time travel will almost certainly be one of the main themes of the new season, as well as likely summer-themed events. Season 10 will end in ten weeks and more precisely in mid-October when Season 11 kicks off and will accompany us until Christmas. At this point, we look forward to the first official teaser that could arrive as early as today.