Fortnite: Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler Enters the Faze Clan

Fortnite: Soleil

Soleil ” Ewok ” Wheeler is now an established figure on the international scene of the Epic Games battle royale. We have already told you the story of the girl in an article dedicated to her story.

In conjunction with the world cup that saw only a sixteen-year-old boy triumph in mode , the player / streamer announced – along with her new “home” – that she had become the first girl to join the FaZe Clan, one of the American organizations known, loved (and hated) of the panorama export to Stars and Stripes.

The organization has chosen the world appointment to announce the new entry. Ewok will join the Fortnite team along with Nick ” NICKMERCS ” Kolcheff and Nate Hill.

Not only: she is also the second player under the age of 14 to join FaZe after H1ghsky1, a twelve-year-old who helped fuel the controversy with Tfue just a few weeks ago.

Ewok has collaborated and played together with another very famous Fortnite streamer, such as Tim ” TimTheTatman ” John Betar, Tyler ” Ninja ” Blevins and Ben ” DrLupo ” Lupo.

In recent Pro-Am tournaments, Ewok competed with singer Jordan Fisher and Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Kurt Benkert.

Ewok, through a sign language interpreter, said: ” I am so excited to be in FaZe Clan, they are all really wonderful, so FaZe up! ” Even the owner of FaZe Clan, Ricky Banks, said he was very happy to have recruited the first girl in the organization.