Hitman 2: Perm-14 Unveiled, the Siberian Prison of the New Sniper Assassin Map

Hitman 2: Perm-14 Unveiled

The IO Interactive developers make a new Hitman 2 video to take you to Siberia and visit us Perm-14, the prison that will be the backdrop to the latest Sniper Assassin map planned with the July 30 expansion of their iconic action stealth to open world.

In the penitentiary installation that will officially open its doors on Tuesday, July 30th for all owners of the Hitman 2 Expansion PassAgent 47 and the duo composed by agents Stone and Knight will be able to collaborate in the hope of completing their designated goal without doing take prison alarms.

The last map of Sniper Assassin promises to give us an even more exciting gaming experience thanks to the need, for users who wish to tackle this high-risk mission, to eliminate two “targets” (Mafioso Roman Khabko and corrupt director Vitaly Reznikov ) to unleash a revolt in the prison thus hoping to cover their tracks at the time of the escape.

To feed the pathos of the mission there will be the obligation to reach its goal within a certain period of time, ie before the criminal Roman is released prematurely. As usual, to achieve your goal you will be able to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the map, with infinite hidden secrets that will help to expand the range of game options available to users. 

Succeeding in completing the challenges of the mission will improve the equipment and grafts of the weapon chosen by Agent 47 for this operation, namely the devastating ICA Druzhina 34 arctic sniper rifle.