IO Interactive Confirms That It Is Developing Hitman 3 Together With a New IP

Hitman 3

In a new video documentary published on YouTube by Noclip, IO Interactive discussed the future of the software house famous for giving birth to the Hitman franchise.

After the turbulent period after the separation with Square-Enix, it seems that things are now going the right way for the Danish development company. It was even possible to expand the company’s staff and open a new office in Malmö, Sweden. Right here – as expressly stated in the video in question starting at about 36:30 – is already starting to take shape Hitman 3, a new episode of the stealth series focused on the murderers of icy Agent 47. Interesting to note how, after abandoning it with the second chapter released in 2018, IO Interactive is considering the publication of episodes for this new iteration of the franchise.

The main study in Copenhagen, on the other hand, is operating in great secrecy: the software house is, in fact, developing a new IP, which could help IO Interactive to further grow professionally and try new creative experiences.

We, therefore, look forward to learning more about these two projects. We will probably know more about the arrival of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett (the latter already confirmed at the launch by the end of 2020). We take this opportunity to inform you that the new Siberian map of Hitman 2 has just been revealed.