Is the Official Death Stranding Cover Ugly? the Community Creates Fan Made Covers

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During Comic-Con, Hideo Kojima surprised the public at the San Diego event by officially presenting the cover of the Standard and Steelbook editions of Death Stranding. The choice to portray the same subject on both versions, the protagonist Sam Bridges, did not satisfy all the fans.

With this in mind, the user of the Reddit community known as Frocharocha has created Death Stranding cover fans. The initiative of the father of videogames of Metal Gear born to try to capture the essence of the project of Death Stranding and transport it inside a cover that, in its small, knows how to represent the ambitions cultivated by Kojima.

The subjects chosen by the Redditor thus range from the gilded face of one of the mysterious shadowy creatures that we will face in the course of the adventure together with the hero who will have the features and the voice of the actor Norman Reedus with the stylized logo of the hand (imprinted with turn the handprint of the newborn baby carried by Sam). In the amateur cover quartet, we then find the disquieting choice face of a soldier depicted following the incomprehensible commander interpreted by Mads Mikkelsen and an exquisite black and white sketch starring once again, Sam Bridges.

Before leaving you to the comments form to find out what you think of these artworks and if you consider them suitable to camp on the cover of Death Stranding, we remind you that the enigmatic science fiction adventure of Hideo Kojima will arrive exclusively on PS4 on November 8th.