Middle-Earth: The Shadow of Mordor Was Originally a Batman Video Game

Middle-Earth: The Shadow of Mordor

Liam Robertson, videogame journalist and curator of the YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming?, Dedicates the last installment of his column to Middle-Earth: The Shadow of Mordor, retracing the salient stages of development to confirm a rumor circulated on the net in the months they have preceded the announcement of the project.

To want to pay attention to the reconstruction carried out by Robertson, questioning the unspecified sources of Monolith Productions, with the acquisition of the US company by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the heads of the Kirkland software house tried to experiment with the intellectual properties of the entertainment giant to get away from FEAR’s horror and atmosphere

Originally, the bosses of Monolith ventured into a procedural generation dungeon crawlerset in the fantasy universe of The Lord of the Rings , to then put that idea aside and rebuild the game ecosystem in the form of an open world action adventure based on Batman, or rather, on the film trilogy of the Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan . The director, however, never gave his assent to the project and so Monolith Productions, according to Robertson, ended up returning to the dimension of Lord of the Rings to develop the title that, in 2014, was marketed as the Shadow of Mordor .

In its initial version, the game of Batman “canceled” by Monolith should have included a fully explorable Gotham City , with a hero capable of embracing three different styles of play including stealth, direct combat and use of gadgets. Much of that concept about the Batman game, however, survived the cancellation and, a year later, contributed to the construction of the excellent play and role-playing scaffolding of The Shadow of Mordor.