New PS4 Games: This Week Comes Madden NFL 20 and Labyrinth Life

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The last week of July is not expected to be particularly rich in the news for PS4 owners, who will be able to get their hands on a series of independent productions, in the absence of alternatives AA and AAA, with the exception of Madden NFL 20 only.

The new sports game dedicated to the National Football League is actually the highlight of the coming days, but it is a title with a rather limited appeal in Europe, unlike what happens in the United States, where Madden NFL 20 will quickly gain the head sales rankings.

PS4 games news

  • Bear With Me The Lost Robots – July 29th
  • The Blackout Club – July 29th
  • The Church in the Darkness – 30 July
  • Forager – 30 July
  • Labyrinth Life – July 30th
  • Madden NFL 20 – 2 August
  • New Star Manager – 2 August
  • Only Islands of the Heart – 2 August
  • Super Wiloo Demake – 2 August
  • The Tower of Beatrice – 2 August

This week also comes New Star Manager, Forager, The Church in the Darkness, The Blackout Club, The Tower of Beatrice and Super Wiloo Demake. So many independent games awaiting the new AAA releases coming at the end of August, with Control that will reopen the videogame season waiting for the great autumn/winter titles.