Nintendo Switch Lite: A Neglected April Leak Showed the Design of the Console

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The months that preceded the official announcement of Switch Lite have been accompanied by many rumors coming from the most disparate sources. And yet, despite the fact that images, renderings, and photos proved to be inaccurate on the web, we only discover that one of the most authentic leaks has gone unnoticed.

In mid-April, in fact, the Twitter user known as Piranha Plant Capital published on the pages of his social profile a photo of the plastic body of Nintendo Switch Lite with a design identical to that of the console presented by the Kyoto company on 10 July this year, almost three months after the leak in question.

To mislead the community may have been the atypical turquoise coloration of the body portrayed in the image, judged as unrealistic by many commentators and the most attentive members of videogame forums: as we have been able to ascertain thanks to the Switch Lite presentation trailer, the turquoise will instead be one of three colors (along with gray and yellow ) versions of the launch of the new portable platform of Grande N .

Discussing with the few users who became aware of the image, the author of the image claimed to have shared the photo on social media channels and Reddit pages on April 17 after retrieving it on a Chinese social media account no better specified: that it was taken by an anonymous employee of the Chinese Switch Lite production line or by one of the many accessory suppliers? 

The same user, in publishing the image in question, admitted that at the time was not at all sure of the authenticity of the photo, a doubt that even pushed him to cancel the shot from his social history after a few days.