Phil Spencer: To Succeed with the Xbox We Must Not Defeat Sony

Xbox Scarlett: Microsoft's Phil Spencer Discusses the Price, Name and Appearance of the Console

In a long interview granted to Fortune Magazine, Phil Spencer spoke not only of the exclusive Xbox and their role on the market but also of the competition, referring in particular to Sony.

The success of Microsoft and the Xbox brand is not tied to the need or the desire to eliminate Sony’s competition “, these are the words of Spencer, who sees the Japanese company not as a rival to be taken out of the game but as a valid competitor and ally, in some cases.

I always listen to the feedback of the community but I don’t agree with those who would like the failure of others, it is not from this that the success of our team passes. When Microsoft announced the agreement with Sony for the Cloud, I received thousands of messages from people asking me why we were helping the competition.

Finally, the head of the Xbox division reaffirms the excellent relationship with Sony: ” We have been working closely with Sony for years if you think that the company was selling PCs with Windows and used our programming development tools. We are big partners of Sony and we are one of the leading third-party publishers on PlayStation thanks to the success of Minecraft. We have business relationships with PlayStation, of course, but also with Nintendo. “