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Bleak Faith Forsaken

Drawing from the by now boundless playful iconography of the Soulslike from From Software, the Montenegrin developer Miso Vukcevic presents the project by Bleak Faith Forsaken on Kickstarter, an open-world action inspired by Dark Souls to give us a dark-hued game experience.

The fundraising campaign launched on Kickstarter by the European author (who has since moved to the States) has already obtained 70% of the private financing necessary to guarantee the development of the title and its subsequent marketing in Early Access on Steam by the end of 2019. If the project were to win the success hoped for by Vukcevic and his collaborators on PC, Bleak Faith Forsaken could also land on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during 2020.

As suggested by the name of the title, Bleak Faith will put us in the shoes of a Forsaken(Abandoned), one of the few warriors who survived the apocalypse that devastated the planet after the advent of the undead abominations of the Omnistructure. The adventure will start from a distant outpost and, according to its creator, will branch out in a series of secondary missions and activities based on free-roaming in which we will have to pursue a single purpose, namely to adapt to survive.

It will be in the gameplay that we will find the greatest analogies with the Dark Souls series and, more generally, with the souls like colossal from Software as Bloodborne or Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: the experience we will acquire in battle against minor enemies will serve to strengthen our alter-ego in view of clashes with bosses so grim as to be able to shoot us down with a handful of well-aimed blows. Take a look at the video presentation of Bleak Faith: Forsaken and also use the whiteboard of comments to tell us what you think about it.