PlayStation 5 Is Already Bookable in Sweden, but Costs More Than 900 Euros!

Playstation 5

Although Sony has not yet officially announced the release date of PlayStation 5, the Swedish MediaMarkt store is one of the first stores in the world to open PS5 pre-orders: Sony’s next-gen console is sold for over 900 euros!

In fact, according to the card present in the pages of the Swedish shop, to be able to take home a brand new PS5 you need to invest the beauty of 9,999 crowns, corresponding to about 1,050 US dollars or, precisely, 950 euros. As often happens in these cases, it is, of course, a placeholder price used by the retail chains waiting to receive the date and the list price recommended by the manufacturer.

Although they seem excessive for a home console, the 950 euros needed to book a PlayStation 5 may not deviate too much from the console’s launch price, or at least this is what industry analysts like Michael Pachter assume, even though it is a mere provocation, like Sony can push up to 800 euros for the PS5 price.

The need to face the fierce competition of Nintendo and Microsoft, but also of Google if Stadia’s in-game streaming project should have the success hoped for by the Mountain View giant, however, pushes the vast majority of analysts and industry professionals to believe more likely that Sony decides to market PS5 at a price not too far from the 400 euros.