Playstation Plus: Two Exclusive Items for Dragon Quest Builders 2 on PS4

Demo Coming June 27th for Dragon Quest Builders 2

Are you a PlayStation Plus subscriber and are you having fun with Dragon Quest Builders 2 on PlayStation 4? In this case, you are lucky because Square Enix has decided to give two exclusive items to all PS Plus members.

Subscribers to the PS Plus service can already download two items for free from PlayStation Store, called Recipes for Pixelated Lenses and Legendary Illustration Recipe.

Recipe for the legendary illustration

Expand your buildings with this exclusive recipe for a picture of Erdrick’s Heirs

Recipes for pixellated louvres

Expand your buildings with this exclusive set of recipes with which Erdrick’s Heirs can be built

These two extra features of Dragon Quest Builders 2 are not available on other platforms and can only be downloaded by users subscribing to the PlayStation Plus service on PS4. Good download!