Rockstar North: The Software House Behind Gta 5 Opens a Dispute for UK Taxes

Rockstar North

According to rumours gathered by Guardian journalists, Rockstar North’s top management would not have paid the British Corporate Tax for ten years, in the period between 2009 and 2018.

According to what is shown in the report, the company linked to Rockstar Games and creator of masterpieces such as Grand Theft Auto V would not have paid any corporate tax despite having received, during the same period, about 42 million pounds in tax credits.

From 2014 to date, Rockstar North would also have obtained important tax breaks due to the reduced taxation that the UK Government grants to companies operating in the video game sector, an initiative that also involves many other small and medium-sized developers for a total of about £ 5 billion in benefits.

As reported by the Guardian and the TaxWatch organization, the sum allocated to Rockstar North is equivalent to approximately 19% of the total tax relief paid to the entire UK videogame industry, hence the gravity of the accusations made against the English and Scottish division of the Big R. The director of TaxWatch, George Turner, therefore asks the authorities in charge to investigate the incident to definitely shed light on the matter, thus allowing the leaders of Rockstar North and Rockstar Games to defend themselves against this accusation.