Satya Nadella of Microsoft: The Alliance With Sony for the Cloud “Depends on Them”

Satya Nadella of Microsoft

From the columns of, the managing director of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, has returned to deepen the topic of the alliance with Sony for the Cloud revealing what are the perspectives and the ambitions that have pushed the Colossus of Redmond to tighten a partnership with the Japanese company.

Addressing the question of the motivations that led Microsoft to bind itself to Sony to develop joint solutions in terms of Cloud technologies and Artificial Intelligence, Nadella explains that “first of all, I stress that everything is driven by Sony. They carefully evaluated all their partners they can be trusted. In fact, even if we are competing in different areas, it also appears that we have collaborated”.

As for the prospects of the historic alliance sanctioned in mid-May, the boss of Microsoft declares that “fundamentally it consists in the fact that we have a business model to follow in the areas in which they are collaborating with us and in which our success depends on them. So we will do our best both in the cloud and in artificial intelligence technology to make sure that Sony can succeed with the creation of its own IPs”.

More than an alliance in classical terms, Nadella thus seems to look to the partnership with Sony as a sort of “project contract” that allows the Japanese multinational to develop its future intellectual properties, thus guaranteeing Microsoft some kind of return (which is “only” economic or, above all, technological). However, Jim Ryan of Sony seems to look at this alliance from another perspective, stating as president of Sony Interactive Entertainment that this partnership should be considered as a move to counter Google Stadia.