Watch Dogs Legion: New Details on the Skill Progression System

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Interviewed by GamingBolt, Clint Hocking of Ubisoft illustrated, as Creative Director of Watch Dogs Legion, the dynamics that will oversee the system of character and faction progression of the new chapter of this iconic free-roaming series.

Without too many words, Hocking goes straight to the heart of the matter to explain to future Legion buyers that “each character will receive a ‘training’ in one of the three Classes provided for those who decide to join DedSec, therefore each will have its own progression with advantages and skills to be acquired over time. The time invested by the user with the individual characters will determine the history, the progression of the equipment and the evolution of equipment, skills and passive advantages”.

Alongside the progression of skills we will also see the levels of the individual classes run parallel in the hacker collective of Watch Dogs Legion’s London anarchist, as explained by Ubisoft Montreal’s Creative Director himself, revealing that “the DedSec will evolve advancing in history, consequently all the characters become more powerful when the DedSec network receives updates. Losing a single Operator will mean abandoning its style of play, it will not stop the progression of the DedSec and then find yourself undersized against the enemy “.

The release of Watch Dogs Legion has already been set for March 6th, 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. If you are curious about the city, history, and ambitions of Legion, the special post-E3 2019 edited by Giuseppe Arace is for you.