Will the Order 1886 Have a Sequel on ps5? the New Rumor Has Been Denied


Over the weekend, we talked about the possible sequel to The Order 1886, thanks to the words of Jordan Mychal Lemos, a former scriptwriter for Ready at Dawn interviewed by the Gamer Head podcast.

During the broadcast, Lemos actually talked about a sequel to The Order 1886 for PS5 but his words were misunderstood and many newspapers reported Ready at Dawn’s intention to develop the second episode of the series.

The screenwriter then corrected the shooting, stating that the initial plans foresaw a trilogy but this idea was shelved following the lack of critical success of the game. Ready at Dawn has dedicated itself over the years to other projects and has always spoken with the interest of the possibility of developing a new The Order but this hypothesis has never been realized, as we know every decision regarding the franchise is up to Sony, owner of the IP.

Currently Lemos is engaged in Sucker Punch Productions and has apologized for having rekindled the hopes of the fans with his words: a sequel to The Order 1886 is not being developed, at least according to the information in his possession, it is Ready at Dawn is continuing to devote himself to other games, with a particular focus on VR.