Borderlands 3: Developer Transmits 4 Hours of Streaming with Unpublished Gameplay by Mistake

Borderlands 3 Hunters Sow Destruction in the New E3 2019 Trailer

During the last weekend, an unspecified developer of Gearbox Software (but it could also be a tester) transmitted by mistake the unpublished Borderlands 3 gameplay scenes during a live on Twitch that lasted the beauty of 4 hours.

The author of this unusual live stream only noticed the misdeed after several hours from the start of the test on a Twitch channel with the anonymous name of “0i0ziesklofy4skgvi49if7xy” which, in its intentions, should have remained private.

The test in question was organized to test the social features of the new Borderlands 3 but, according to the lucky users who managed to trace the streaming between Twitch channels before it was blocked and removed from the portal, it also covered other aspects of the gaming experience.

Among the pieces of gameplay observed by users, and punctually captured with screenshots that immortalize the highlights of the streaming, we point out the initial phases of the story, the selection screen of the Hunter of the Crypt and some of the missions and secondary activities of the introduction to the main campaign. Particularly interesting is the information extrapolated by the viewers of the streaming about the character of FL4K and its tree of skills, with the image that we put at the bottom of the news.

Regardless of this setback, we remind you that Borderlands 3 will be available starting September 13th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, differently from the version in-game streaming for Google Stadia whose launch, as for the new Google service, is expected for the month of November. Have you already admired the new video All Together Happily by Borderlands 3?