Concrete Genie for PS4: The New Trailer Reveals the Release Date

Concrete Genie for PS4

Sony Interactive Entertainment and PixelOpus today released a new trailer for Concrete Genie, an adventure developed by the PixelOpus team, the video also unveils the launch date of the game, arriving during the fall exclusively on PS4 and PS4 PRO.

Concrete Genie will be available from October 9, 2019, with pre-orders on PlayStation Store that should be open later today. Concrete Genie tells the story of Ash, a solitary teenager targeted by some bullies … but one day the boy’s life will change when he finds he can give life to everything he paints. Thanks to his living works, Ash will be able to clean the town of Denska, a fishing village that is now too close to the young protagonist, from the grayness and the sadness of the pollution.

Concrete Genie will support PlayStation VR in the VR Experience and Free Design PS VR modes, the first will focus on the figure of the Splotch genius while the second will allow you to create real digital works using Move controllers as brushes on canvas.

A certainly interesting project, Concrete Genie presents itself as one of the most anticipated titles of the second half of 2019, arriving exclusively on PlayStation 4.