Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Shinra Building Shows Itself in Two New Images

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

After having left fans in awe during the presentation of the gameplay and the new Story Trailer at E3 2019, Square-Enix is continuing to distil new Final Fantasy VII Remake theme material, the highly anticipated remake of Cloud Strife’s upcoming adventures on PS4.

Through a new tweet we reported at the bottom of the news, the Japanese publisher shared two other images taken from the JRPG after we had the opportunity to admire the Sector 1 station in the previous weeks. On this occasion, we can take a look at the entrance of the Shinra building, here exhibited both with very inspired concept art and directly with an in-game screenshot, with Cloud and its Buster Sword in the foreground. The Shinra Power Company – reminds us of the caption of Square-Enix – has taken over the world of Final Fantasy VII, after seeing its rapid growth thanks to the treatment of Mako energy.

Leaving you to see the two images, we remind you that the first episode (divided into two Blue-ray discs) of Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 starting March 3 next year. Square-Enix has promised that the relationships between the beloved protagonists of the game will be enriched and expanded within this ambitious remake.