Fortnite: Ninja’s Book Will Offer Tips to Become “Unstoppable Players”

Fortnite: Season 9 Will Be the Best Ever Ninja Second

Presented in mid-June, the book Ninja Get Good will be available in August and will not be a simple “strategic guide” to Fortnite but will represent a sort of vademecum to become, according to the same Tyler Blevins, the new star of eSport and streaming of Epic’s battle royale.

According to a summary by PC Gamer colleagues, in Ninja: Get Good we will indeed find a whole chapter in which the most famous (and rich) Fortnite streamer on the planet promises to share his videogame wisdom with his followers through the advice on “how to use the best equipment, how to exercise to achieve the intended purpose, how to develop an incisive streaming strategy, how to put together the right team of collaborators and how to become unstoppable players” .

More than a simple strategic guide of Fortnite Battle Royle, therefore, Ninja’s work promises to be a real “motivational book” that allows Blevins fans to get to know the more entrepreneurial side of their idol and snatch them, for as much as possible, the secrets of its success. The same Emma Smith, director of the publishing house Ebury that will give the new Ninja book to the press, explains that“as a team we have been following Ninja for some time and we are thrilled that with Get Good it has produced an extremely entertaining but also incredibly practical book on the art and science of video games. Thanks to it, players all over the world will have exactly what they wanted: a privileged path to understand how to become the next Ninja”.