Fortnite World Cup, the Controversy After a Player’s Disqualification

Fortnite World Cup

There have been several unforgettable moments in the first Fortnite World Cup. From the sixteen-year-old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf who brings home the mega 3 million dollar prize, at the time that made the web ” move ” in which the boy Thiago “King” Lapp celebrated with his father after winning 900,000 dollars.

However, among the plasticky pop moments that have framed the final phase of the World Cup, there is room for controversy. And it disregards a player’s disqualification in Round 6 of the Solo competition.

A spectator caught the moment when the Russian player was disqualified from the competition. In the clip, it is shown that the player would look up at the maxi screens for a second before resuming play. It is clear that the player (13) remained stunned after realizing he had been disqualified from the tournament. Kungarna’s managing director, “MOETORIOUS”, tweeted the clip of the event, outraged by the incident. ” @ letw1k3 is disqualified in the middle of the last game for presumably watching the big screen “.

During an interview with TheFortniteGuy, ” letw1k3 ” told YouTuber that during the sixth game he heard a crash on the desk next to him and instinctively he looked. Unfortunately, Epic employees saw him and disqualified him. Among other difficulties, the Russian pro also said that he was given the wrong keyboard, which would have further agitated him.

According to Polygon’s statement, Epic has expressed itself precisely on the incident: ” After more warnings to the player, a penalty was assessed and removed from the game .” ” He was not disqualified and will not be fined .”

Regardless of what the truth may be, some fans have ignited the controversy because they believe the disqualification was unfair.

One thing is certain: at the next World Cup, Epic will surely have to review the way in which the player’s stations will be positioned, to prevent players from looking on the big screens or peeking at the neighbor’s screen.