Glitch of Apex Legends: Weapons and Objects Disappear from the Map, the Fight with Bare Hands Begins!

Apex Legends Restrictions

That of the Apex Legends glitches is a matter known to all the fans of the free Respawn battle royale, but the last “problem” encountered by the EA shooter free shooters really risks becoming even the most famous or, if nothing else, among the most fun.

As reported by a fan of Apex Legends who attends the Reddit forum community under the name of GarySpurr, during a game there was a total disappearance of every item and item of equipment from the Canyon map of the Kings due to of a glitch that involved all the participants of the multiplayer lobby.

Who carried out the deployment on the map of Apex Legends, noting immediately after the absence of weapons and objects even inside the loot boxes, has thus decided not to leave the game and to try his luck by jumping into a spectacular hunt man who resulted in a hilarious fight with bare hands between Legends.

The trailer immortalized by the Redditor bears witness to this curious event and shows one of the most exciting moments of the match which, even if for a few minutes, made the battle royale at Apex Legends stop for him to wear those, definitely more appropriate, of a real royal rumble inspired by wrestling!

Before leaving you to the video that you find at the bottom of the news, we remind you that recently the community of Respawn’s free to play shooter has activated itself to create a thermal map of the hot spots on the island of Apex Legends.

Not a single item spawned, game turned into a full out royal rumble match!! (and yes I suck at melee?) from apexlegends