Halo Infinite: The QR Code for Trailer E3 2019 Leads to a Secret Audio File

Halo Infinite Will Also Be Released on Xbox One, 343 Industries' Confirmation

A month and a half after the presentation of the movie, a curious and attentive fan of the Halo series brought to the attention a little secret concealed by 343 Industries in the latest Halo Infinite trailer shown at E3 2019.

In a precise moment of the cinematic trailer that we witnessed during the Los Angeles fair, a mysterious red bar code appears on the screen, passed until yesterday unnoticed. The user known on Twitter with the name of Xepyal instead made a series of screenshots of the red bars and reconstructed the QR code.

As you can see by following this link, the code takes us to a secret audio file in which we can listen to different environmental sounds accompanied by tense and disturbing music. In the final seconds, moreover, it is possible to hear the unmistakable voice of Cortana, which immediately gave the speculation to the players who eagerly await the arrival of the game.

Recall that Halo Infinite will be released on PC Windows 10, Xbox One and Xbox Scarlett at the end of 2020. The development team that is dealing with this new ambitious title of the Sci-Fi shooter series is taking advantage of Sperasoft’s support, already authors from the animation section of Mass Effect Andromeda. Before the official release, the title will have several Beta phases.