Hitman 3 Is Not yet Under Development, the Statements Have Been Denied

Hitman 3

Yesterday NoClip published the documentary The Fall & Rise of Hitman, from which some statements emerged regarding the development of HITMAN 3apparently misunderstood, as clarified by the author of the video Danny Odwyer.

IO Interactive has simply talked about a project conceived as a trilogy, these plans at the time of the reboot of the series, however, the development of HITMAN 3 has not been confirmed and it is not certain that this is one of the projects in development at the new Copenhagen headquarters.

So at the moment, we don’t know if HITMAN 3 will actually see the light, the only certainty is that a third episode was planned years ago but the development does not seem to be in progress. The first HITMAN marked the return of the series with an episodic publication model while HITMAN 2 abandoned this business model, also changing publisher from Square Enix to WB Games, after IO Interactive returned independent, breaking away from the Japanese giant.

The Danish studio is still producing content for HITMAN 2, despite the mild initial sales, it seems that the game has produced profits, so the support will continue for a long time with new missions and modalities.