Man of Medan: Curator’s Cut Mode with Alternative Routes Presented in Video

Man of Medan

Exactly one month after the commercialization of Man of Medan, the authors of Supermassive Games reveal in the video the Curator’s Cut mode that will allow users who will be challenged with the horror challenges of the first act of the Dark Pictures Anthology horror to take alternative routes.

Accessible only after completing the first game, the Man of Medan ‘s Curator’s Cut mode will give users the chance to reveal new information on the plot of the next dark-colored blockbuster Bandai Namco.

Drawing on the experience of Until Dawn, the kids of Supermassive Games will thus give horror adventures fans the chance to live a completely new experience at every game through choices and decisions that can change the story and reveal, in doing so, new portions of the narrative plot.

The film that stands at the beginning of the article shows us a scene from two different perspectives, the first represented by Brad and the second, linked to the Curator’s Cut, centered on his brother Alex. This mode will be available since the launch of Man of Medan, scheduled for August 30th, for all those who have decided to pre-order the title, only to be made available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One during 2019 with a free downloadable update from those who purchase the game after its release.