Manhunt Receives an Unofficial Remaster Thanks to a Mod


Those of you with a few more years on your shoulders will remember that journey into the madness of Rockstar North called Manhunt, originally released in 2003. The videogame has now finally received a remaster, albeit unofficially.

The modoman Danoman has in fact released a new version of his mod called Blood Moon, which substantially improves all the graphic aspects of Manhunt. It is not the first time that a mod is used to improve the graphics of a past title, a mod has remastered Final Fantasy VII, for example, only a few months ago.

Its features are textures up to twice as cured, special effects retouched (bullet holes are more realistic and blood splatters have a darker color), modified and more aggressive AI(enemies have different speed and health bar depending on the level) and weapon upgrades, which can now shoot from afar.

The mod also balances the amount of damage inflicted and received and changes the menus, also giving new images for the loading screens.

So really a lot of news for a game that, despite having now sixteen years on its shoulders, can still boast a decidedly passionate fanbase and able to give it new life.