Nintendo 3DS Sales Continue to Decline: Almost -50% Compared to 2018

Nintendo 3DS

In the past few hours, Nintendo financial data has been released, which indicates really good results for the Kyoto company, except for the 3DS family, confirming the imminent arrival of the end of the life cycle of the portable console.

Despite the façade claims of Nintendo, according to which the console will continue to be supported, the imminent arrival of Nintendo Switch Lite, the version of Switch that can only be used in handheld mode, will in fact replace the small handset of the Great N.

The company’s plans are therefore to continue to leverage the large stock base available for the platform, which also contains evergreen titles and still appealing to fans, directing the marketing department’s efforts in this regard.

Investing other resources on 3DS seems to make little sense, given the rather heavy decline in console sales that emerged from the latest financial results. A beautiful quarter that has just ended, Nintendo has sold about 200,000 3DS units, for a 44.9% drop compared to last year, while for software sales the results are even worse, with only 1.48 million units placed, and an annual drop that touches on 50% (49.7%).

In short, it seems that we are close to the hour of greetings for Nintendo 3DS, a console that has given so many satisfactions to the users, but that after almost nine years of honorable service, perhaps it is time to put aside.