Nintendo Switch Lite: The Console Is Certified by the FCC USA

Nintendo Switch Lite

Three weeks after the announcement of Nintendo Switch Lite, the delicate evaluation phase of the Federal Communications Commission, the US government agency in charge of the certification of electronic devices (and not only) intended for sale in the USA, officially ends.

The FCC approval obtained by Nintendo to market the new, exclusively portable Switch version in the United States thus allows the Japanese videogame giant, and the various distribution chains operating in the United States, to avoid a postponement on the console launch date and to respect by doing so, the deadlines of the pre-orders.

Even in the US, as well as in Europe and Japan, the number of Nintendo Switch Lite bookings is particularly high and any discovery by the FCC commission of even minimal console design problems would have resulted in serious damage to image (and economic reflection ) for the Kyoto house.

However, the danger of postponement due to non-certification of the US FCC is averted and Nintendo can look with relative serenity to September 20, which is the date scheduled for the launch of Switch Lite.