PES 2020 Demo: Guide to Controls in Attack and Defense

PES 2020 Demo

The eFootball PES 2020 demo is finally available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, allowing players to preview the new Konami football title. In this mini-guide, we explain how the controls of the game in attack and defense work.

Below, all you need to know about the controls in attack and in defense of eFootball PES 2020.

Checks in Attack of eFootball PES 2020

To move in the field during the game, you must, of course, use the analog left stick. In possession of the ball, you can do a Dribbling with click by pressing the R1 / RB button while selecting the direction of movement with the Left Stick, or perform a Speed shot with (R1 / RB) x2 + Left lever. For the close control of the sphere you can press R2 / RT + Left stick, while for Touch forward (when stopped) you can press R2 / RT + Right stick in the direction to which you want to move the ball.

To block the ball, however, you can make a quick stop by releasing the left stick + R1 / RB, or perform a quick stop and turn towards the opponent’s goal by releasing the left stick + R2 / RT. You can also perform Stop and Raise by holding R3 when the player is about to stop the ball or make a Fake stop by releasing the left stick before a stop and holding R1 / RB.

To perform a shot just press Square / X, while for a calibrated shot R2 / RT + Square / X. If you want to make a lob to climb over the goalkeeper, press L1 / LB + Square / X. Speaking of the passages, you can perform a low pass with X / A, a high pass with a circle / B (or R2 / RT + circle / B to give more precision), a low-pass filtering passage with Triangolo / Y or a high filtering passage with L1 / LB + Triangle / Y.

You can make a normal Cross with Circle / B, a low Cross with (Cerchio / B) x2, a high Cross with R2 / RT + Cerchio / B or a Cross with a trocar putting before you press the L1 / LB button. We remind you that the power of the shots, passes, and crosses are regulated according to the intensity with which you will hold the relative execution keys.

Speaking finally of the combined strategies, to execute the One-two you can press L1 / LB + X / A, or carry out the dynamic One-two with L1 / LB + X / A keeping pressed L1 / LB + right stick in the direction towards which to make the player run. It is also possible to perform the Pass and Play combo with X / A or Triangle / Y + R2 / RT before the player kicks the ball.

Finally, if you want to cancel a shot or any movement, you can use the Super Cancel by pressing R1 + R2 / RB + RT.

eFootball PES 2020 Defense Controls

Turning to the controls related to the defensive phase, it is possible to Pressing holding X / A, or chasing the opponent in possession of the ball holding R1 / RB + X / A. You can perform a Slip with Circle / B to counter the opponent in possession of the ball, or press (X / A) x2. If, on the other hand, you want to sweep the ball from your middle court, do not hesitate to press the Square / X throw button.

When you are not in possession of the sphere you can issue a series of orders to your AI-controlled players. to call the pressing you can hold Square / X, or call the mark fed with (Square / X) x2 + by holding Square / X (in this way 2 or 3 players will surround the opponent and press). To release the Goalkeeper keep Triangolo / Y pressed, while to control the defensive line press the Right arrow to move it forward, or the Left arrow to move it backward. To trigger the Offside Trap you can press the Right Arrow twice.