Pokémon Go: An Announcement Related to Sun and Moon Coming?

Niantic Ends Support for Android Kitkat for Pokémon Go and Ingress

This afternoon, Niantic’s Twitter account released a mysterious message that inevitably caught the attention of the entire Pokémon GO community.

The post in question sees a series of emoticons depicting sparks and black circles accompanied by a “soon”. A message so cryptic has divided the enthusiasts into two among those who think that the imminent announcement concerns Pokémon Sun and Moon and who believes that the new arrival has instead as protagonist a new typology of Pokémon. This second hypothesis, the most likely, could be related to the arrival of Dark Chromatic Pokémon. It is also not to be excluded that a new raid is about to arrive, in which coaches from all over the world will have to face the Shiny Shadow version of Rayquaza, a huge third-generation creature belonging to the Dragon / Volante category.

Did you know that the Team Rocket global event is currently active in Pokémon GO? Niantic has also officially announced that the protagonist of the August Pokémon GO Community Day will be Ralts.