Pokemon Go: Increased the Pokemon Space in the Inventory

Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs has increased the Pokemon Space inventory of Pokemon GO, thus fulfilling one of the most pressing requests of the community, which has long been clamoring for this change.

Until now coaches could carry up to 2,000 Pokemon, but now this space has been extended and increased to 2,500 units. It may seem an irrelevant change but in reality, it is an interesting novelty that allows you to always carry around 500 more Pokemon.

This decision was probably made after the arrival of the Dark and Purified Pokemon, many of which are already available but many others are coming soon. Remember that the Pokemon Space can also be expanded with 200 Coins for each slot, while the expansion to 2,500 Pokemon is free.

For Niantic Labs, this is a decidedly busy summer, in the past few hours Rayquaza has made its appearance in Pokemon GO as part of the Raids, also in Shiny Chromatic version. Also this weekend the new Community Day of August 2019 will take place, and in the night the Team Rocket global event has also kicked off, with the evil trio coming to ruin the coaches’ plans.

However, the Pokemon GO surprises for summer 2019 do not seem to be over yet, with the developers promising interesting news for the month of August.