Pokémon Go Invitational: The First Competitive Tournament Will Be Held at the Pokémon World Cup

Pokémon Go Invitational

With great surprise, the Pokémon Company announced that a tournament dedicated to Pokémon GO will also be held at this year’s Washington World Championships.

The Pokémon Go Invitational predicts that coaches will use the newly added competitive combat feature added to the mobile game. This will be the first time the title will have an official tournament. The tournament will start after the opening ceremony on August 16th, which will see the participation of some of the greatest TCG, VGC, and Pokkén players compete for over $500,000. Our compatriots will also be there.

The format of the Pokémon GO tournament involves the participation of eight competitors who will compete in Pokémon Go to become the champions of the Invitational format, but only seven of them have been invited.

People participating in the event include Game Freak director Junichi Masuda, the Game Freak game designer Shigeki Morimoto and online personalities such as UnlistedLeaf, Strayburry17, Yamada, Poké AK, and PogoKieng.

A lucky fan who will be present at the location will have the opportunity to participate in the tournament through a draw on the Pokémon site. There is time until July 31, which is tomorrow, to send the application. Unfortunately, only US residents can register.

The Pokémon Go Invitational will be a double-elimination event best of 5. The battles will take place in the Grand League with some additional restrictions. Each player must select a team of six Pokémon that he will use throughout the entire tournament and none of the Pokémon will be of the same species. The whole tournament will obviously be streamed on Twitch.