PS4: Digital Video Game Sales for the First Time Exceed Those on Disk

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On the occasion of Sony’s latest financial report, the data pitted by the Japanese technology giant confirmed an important trend destined, in perspective, to change the entire videogame industry.

For the first time in the history of PlayStation consoles, in fact, during the first quarter of the current fiscal year sales of digital video games on PS4 exceeded those on disk. Of the 42.9 million PlayStation 4 games purchased worldwide by users of the Black Monolith, in 53% of cases the users of Sony’s home platform chose to opt for the digital version , purchasing it directly from the PS Store or , alternatively, at one of the distribution chains authorized to sell digital delivery codes.

As rightly pointed out by members of the ResetEra videogame forum, in the same period of last fiscal year the share of video games purchased digitally on PS4 represented “only” 42% of the total : a difference of over 10 percentage points in a single year constitutes an important given that, by force of circumstances, from now on it will be kept in close consideration by the developers, the producers and the workers in the sector.

In fact, without bothering analysts and their hypotheses about the revolution that could interest the videogame industry with the launch of services like Google Stadia or Project xCloud, several giants of digital entertainment are already going through a phase of profound change or, anyway, they are preparing to do so soon.