PS4 Exceeds Playstation 2: New Record for the Sony Console

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The achievement of the goal of 100 million PS4 distributed is certainly one of the most important news today, but there is a second record to report, as noted on Twitter by financial analyst Daniel Ahmad (ZhugeEX).

PlayStation 4 has actually become the fastest home console ever to reach 100 million pieces, thus surpassing PlayStation 2: specifically, PS4 took 5 years and 7 months to reach this result while PS2 took 5 years and 9 months of presence.

This is obviously not the only two consoles that have exceeded 100 million units distributed, this club also includes Nintendo DS (154 million), Game Boy family consoles and Game Boy Color (118 million), PlayStation (102 million) and Nintendo Wii (101 million), it must be said that PlayStation 2 remains very distant, with 155 million consoles sold, numbers that will be difficult to replicate.

The news of PS4 software sales also holds the record, to date more than a billion video games have been sold for PlayStation 4, a figure that excludes digital downloads from PlayStation Store, covering only the physical copies distributed to retailers from 2013 to today.