Rayquaza Debuts in the Pokemon Go Raids, Also in Shiny Version!


Niantic Labs has announced that Rayquaza will soon make its debut in the Pokemon GO raids! When? From 31 July to 2 September, as part of a special long-lasting summer event that will allow you to capture Rayquaza also in Shiny Chromatic version.

It is said that Rayquaza has lived for hundreds of millions of years in the ozone layer, descending only to end the clash between Kyogre and Groudon. Given that Kyogre and Groudon have both been active recently, it is not surprising that this normally solitary Pokémon, to have reappeared in their place! With the utmost luck, you might encounter a chromatic Rayquaza. This Dragon and Flying Legend Pokémon is weak to Ice, Rock, Dragon and Goblin attacks, in fact, Rayquaza has a fourfold weakness to the attacks. Ice-type, so make sure you have Pokémon with those ready attacks when you go into battle! “

A great opportunity to add one of the most loved and popular Pokémon ever to your Pokedex. We remember that on July 28 the Team Rocket event of Pokemon GO also started, also on August 3rd the Ralts Community Day will be held, a summer full of events and news for all Pokemon GO coaches, as a testimony of the commitment of Niantic Labs to keep the community active.