Red Dead Online: RDO $ and Extra PE in Lethal Series; Prizes for Twitch Prime Subscribers


Punctual as every week, a new update for Red Dead Online has arrived. Let’s discover all the initiatives prepared by Rockstar Games for all the cowboys on the border.

To begin with, players who will compete in lethal Series events like No Waste and Arms Race will receive 50% RDO $ and additional Experience Points. Bonuses also for equipped skill cards, which will provide 30% more PE.

This week is also the last chance to reach a series of 3-day daily challenges and receive a treasure map as a reward. Access the treasure map on the Bisaccia Documents tab and track the loot to get high-value rewards, including RDO $ and Gold. The Wheeler catalogue, Rawson & Co. has been enriched with new limited-time items, such as the Tuba with feathers, the Irwin overcoat, the Porter jacket and the Strickland boots. Permanent additions include the Austin red and black leather boots.

This week there are even discounts: the gunsmith offers a 50% cut on all normal, fast and express ammunition for guns, revolvers, repeating weapons and rifled guns. 50% discount on cartridges and single balls for shotguns. Emporers and fences this week offer a 35% discount on Jolly Jack’s cigars, cigarettes and tobacco.

Finally, we would like to point out that Twitch Prime members who have linked their account to their profile of the Rockstar Games Social Club can receive the Tasman and Il Danube clothes, the emote “Come do you allow yourself? ” and the Carcano rifled rifle. Twitch Prime members who will play Red Dead Online this week will also receive a 10% discount in addition to all the discounts listed above.