Super Mario Maker 2 Sold 2.42 Million Copies in the First Three Days of Launch

Super Mario Maker 2

The success of Super Mario Maker 2 was largely predictable. The first chapter was very appreciated by fans of the character and not only, given that basically, but Nintendo also gave us the keys to the Mushroom Kingdom giving us the opportunity to do what we wanted.

This feature of the game has attracted the most creative gamers who have armed themselves with patience and have begun to create and distribute levels on levels, making the game practically endless. And if we count that the second chapter has improved all the characteristics of the first one, it is easy to explain the good response of the public towards the videogame.

As always, however, the numbers arrive to give us a more precise idea of ​​the situation, and in this case, they are really impressive. Nintendo has announced, along with the latest financial results, that Super Mario Maker 2, from June 28th to June 30th, ie in the first three days after its release, has sold 2.42 million copies.

A truly resounding success for the exclusive Nintendo Switch, and which explains even better that figure according to which two million levels were created in Super Mario Maker 2, a very high number in such a short time.

What do you think of these numbers? Is this a well-deserved success for the game?