The Killstreaks Will Return to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


The Killstreaks will make their return in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, as announced by Infinity Ward in a Tweet. After being removed from Call of Duty WWII to increase the realism of the game, the Killstres are now preparing to come back in style.

The first Killstreaks announced for COD Modern Warfare are White Phosphorus (a smoke-generating gas capable of stun enemies), the Juggernaut armor from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Care Packages for access to heavy armor and Infantry Assault Tank to drive a tank equipped with Machine Gun Caliber 50.

A tasty teaser awaiting the multiplayer reveal of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, scheduled for Thursday, August 1st at 19:00 (GMT +2). In two days we’ll find out all about the multiplayer modes of the new Activision shooter, which brings the Modern Warfare franchise back to life after so many years of absence, with the latest chapter (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3) released way back in 2011.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be available from October 25, 2019, on PC (via, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, no confirmation at the moment about a possible port for Nintendo Switch. In view of the launch of the game, Activision will also make changes and changes to the Call of Duty World League, the COD eSport league.