Xbox Game Pass: Problems with One of the Free Games of July 2019

Xbox Game Pass Officially Available for PC Is Also Included in Ultimate

The Xbox community is reporting some problems with one of the free Xbox Game Pass games from July 2019, specifically, the bug concerns Killer Instinct Definitive Edition, available for download on Xbox and PC.

According to reports, it seems that some roster characters are blocked and cannot be used, the problem is probably due to the lack of recognition of the Definitive Edition contents, with the possibility of accessing only free rotating characters.

The development team posted a message on Twitter stating that they are aware of the problem and want to resolve it as soon as possible, in the meantime the advice is to uninstall Killer Instinct Definitive Edition, remove the saves and re-download the game.

The brawler Microsoft joined the new Xbox Game Pass games in July 2019 along with Resident Evil 4, Worms WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction and Unavowed. No problems were found with the other titles in the catalog, with the bug in question that only affected Killer Instinct Definitive Edition. In July the Xbox Game Pass also saw the arrival of Night Call, The Banner Saga 3, Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain and For the King, all already available for download on Xbox One and PC.