Apex Legends: Season 3 Even Bigger; A Very Requested Function Is Coming

Apex Legends: Season 3

The Season 2 of Apex Legends introduced a lot ‘of innovation in the battle royale but, you know, the players are always hungry for content. Apparently, they will soon be satisfied, since the boys of Respawn have many surprises in store.

During the meeting with shareholders in the last few hours, after letting us know that Apex Legends can count on 40 million active players on a monthly basis, they have ensured that Season 3 will be even bigger than the current one. Unfortunately, they did not provide additional details, so, for now, we can not help but trust their words. In addition to this, Respawn Entertainment is preparing for the first official $500,000 tournament to be held in September, the launch of the game in China and the publication of Apex Legends on mobile. A really thick agenda, no doubt about it.

Before that, however, players can expect the arrival of one of the most requested features ever. What is it? It is not known since the Californian team has not been unbalanced in this regard. Many, however, focus on the introduction of the Solo mode, expected by the community since the launch of the game. In Apex Legends, we remember, it is possible to play only in teams of three components.