Battlefield 5 Is Updated: Here Is All the News of the Update That Adds the Marita Map

Battlefield 5

EA DICE developers continue to update the Battlefield 5 shooter universe: The free update that brings the title to the 4.2.1 version on PC, PS4 and Xbox One introduce two new Elite and Marita soldiers, one of the four maps provided during Chapter 4: Against All Forecasts.

Connected to the narrative strand that follows in the game the events of the Battle of Greece, Marita is a medium-sized infantry-based map, without providing for heavy combat vehicles but only light means of transport with which to move quickly through the alleys of a rural town perched on the slope of a mountain.

Without being usable in battle, both aircraft and tanks will be able to provide support in the tensest situations of the gunfight: also, for this reason, the authors of EA DICE wanted to focus on the verticality of the gameplay and on the strategies to be implemented using two new ones Elite soldier classes. From the point of view of petty gameplay mechanics, the update in question then intervenes with minor equipment balancing and net code modifications to ensure greater stability in the most frantic online sessions.

The new free Battlefield 5 update should already be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. During Chapter 5, expected in the autumn on the same platforms, we will be able to land on the fiery beaches of Iwo Jima to fight the Pacific War within a playful multiplayer context that promises to be even more original and challenging.