Could The Sims 4 Be Coming to Nintendo Switch in the Future?

The Sims 4

At the last meeting with shareholders, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson talked about the possibility of seeing The Sims on Nintendo Switch, not entirely excluding this hypothesis, although at the moment a port appears difficult.

Responding to a specific investor question, Andrew Wilson made it clear that the publisher takes very seriously the choice of destination platforms for his titles, in the case of Switch the choice to make ports is limited by the fact that many owners of the Nintendo console play regularly also on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Every time we decide to publish a game we ask ourselves questions about the target platforms, it is natural, as a publisher it is our duty. There are so many factors to evaluate, in the case of Switch one of the many is certainly the fact that the owners of the hybrid consoles are also active players on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and in most cases they have already played our products on these platforms, obviously every decision varies from case to case, I don’t feel to say The Sims will never arrive on Switch in the future.

Few hopes for the moment for a port of The Sims 4 (or maybe The Sims 5) on Nintendo Switch, due to a catchment area not particularly receptive to EA games, at least according to Wilson’s words.