Daemon X Machina: The New Video Acts as a Prequel to the Story

Daemon X Machina

Marvelous and Satelight show a new video of Daemon X Machina, an action game focused on mecha, released on Nintendo Switch in September, which serves as a prequel to the story, as it talks about the events that take place before the game’s story begins.

The “Prototype Arsenal” mecha and the “Prototype Suit” worn by the characters in the video can be obtained as a pre-order bonus, even if only in Japan. In the videogame, we will be busy saving the planet by defeating an evil artificial intelligence that controls powerful robots.

The player will be equipped with Arsenal, a mechanical and customizable armor for combat, he will have to choose the weapons and upgrades to be used to end this terrible threat. The names involved in the project are quite important since the author is Kenichiro Tsukuda of Armored Core, and mech designer Shoji Kawamori ( Super Dimensional Fortress Macross ).

Daemon X Machina will be available on Nintendo Switch starting September 13th and in addition to the story mode, it will also have the competitive multiplayer that will be added after the release. Without delaying further, we leave you to the video: what do you think? What do you expect from this title?