Dino Crisis HD Fan Remake, a New Video Shows Other Settings


Last week we told you about Dino Crisis HD Remake 2020, a resounding title from a fan-made remake of the Capcom survival horror. Today the project authors have released a new video that shows some of the game’s settings.

The Dino Crisis remake is made with the Unreal Engine 4, at the moment the authors have created some rooms for testing purposes, including Save Room, Locker Room, and the Main Hall, which you can see in the video published above. The Arklay Team has assured that it will do everything to complete the work, at present the models of Queen or dinosaurs have not yet been created and it all boils down to a handful of rooms still to be completed, we remind you that it is a working amateur run by independent developers in non-profit leisure time.

What do you think of a possible official remake of Dino Crisis? Would you support this hypothesis?