Dreaming of GTA 6: New 4K Video of GTA 5 and Mod RPG of Escort to Prime Minister Boris Johnson!

New 4K Video of GTA 5

The launch of the substantial free GTA Online expansion dedicated to the Casino and Resort Diamond has made the wait for the official announcement of GTA 6 less oppressive. In the hope that Rockstar Games will confirm the development of the new chapter of Grand Theft Auto, the GTA community 5 is divided between GTA Online and RolePlay Mod.

While on the one hand, we are witnessing the usual production of GTA 5 videos in 4K with Ray Tracing by creators of increasingly famous content (above all, the chatted DubStepZz with its monstrous thousands of dollars ), on the other we note the constant growth of the phenomenon of the RPG mods of GTA 5 .

The RolePlay Mod category includes all those activities in which Grand Theft Auto V enthusiasts choose to embrace a precise behavioural routine and “step into the part” to add a touch of realism to the anarchist experience offered by the GTA Online open world.

Among horror mods full of zombies and police patrols, it so happens that a group of enthusiasts decided to follow the news and organize the inauguration ceremony of the new prime minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, devoting himself to activities that provide for the escort of the political, traffic control, crowd management crowded on the side of the road and even operations by snipers from special bodies stationed on the roofs of neighboring buildings.

The videogame experiment performed by GTA Online’s RolePlay Mod fans has been immortalized in the video at the beginning of the article: let us know what you think about these in-game activities and if you think it appropriate that the GTA 6 online form will offer this genre from the launch of sandbox experiences devoted to realism.