EA Explains the Reasons for the Lack of Support for Nintendo Switch

EA Nintendo

In the last two years, Nintendo Switch has proved to be a fertile ground for third-party productions, as well as for the numerous exclusives that are constantly being baked in Kyoto. This, in any case, seems to be invalid for everyone, especially for Electronic Arts, which offers limited support for the hybrid console. Why?

During the recent meeting with EA shareholders, the company’s top executives explained the reasons that are pushing the company to publish a few titles on Nintendo Switch“Every time we evaluate a platform we take a few things into consideration. First, the game to fit the platform with regards to the control system and the ecosystem of the community? Secondly, do we believe that the community of that platform will appreciate the game, or prefer to play it elsewhere? According to our data, a lot of Nintendo Switch owners also have PlayStation 4, or Xbox One or PC, and very often choose to play our titles on those platforms, even if they have Nintendo Switch and they love its contents “.

What do you think? Is this a valid reason, in your opinion? Among the titles of Electronic Arts present on the hybrid include Unravel Two, Fe, FIFA 18 and FIFA 19. The next chapter of the football series, FIFA 20, will arrive on Nintendo Switch in Legacy edition, that is, with roses and uniforms updating but without innovations graphics and new game features.