First Look at the Night Vision Device Included in the Dark Edition of Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Night Vision

More or less all the collector’s edition and the special editions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare contain “physical” bonuses, but the one with the Dark Edition is certainly the most special one. It is a fully functional military night vision device.

This is a particularly surprising addition when you consider that an object of this kind is used for military purposes and has a cost of around one thousand dollars, while with the special edition of the game it is possible to take it home for “only” two hundred dollars , but fans of the game and fanatics of military objects will be happy. But you will remember the Master Chief’s helmet included in the first copies of Halo 2, so in the end, the quirks concerning the special shooter editions are not in fact so rare.

In the photos posted on Twitter by the GamesRadar correspondent, you can see the real size of the object, defined rather solid despite the plastic materials. The two viewers at the ends should only be aesthetic.

It is not clear at the moment what else is included in the Dark Edition of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, while there is certainly the possibility for those who have ordered Modern Warfare and already owns Black Ops 4, to play Blackout as Captain Price.

What do you think of the viewer? Will it be worth spending that money to get it?